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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 | Oskar Schindler Grave - David's Tomb - Upper Room - Some really cool views of Jerusalem - Peter Gallicantu (Rooster Church) - Judea Desert - Camel Rides (others) - City of David
0268 Schindlers Grave0269 Schindlers Grave0270 Schindlers Grave0271 Schindlers Grave0272 Schindlers Grave0273 Schindlers Grave0274 Schindlers Grave0275 Schindlers Grave0276 Schindlers Grave0277 Schindlers Grave0278 Schindlers Grave0279 Schindlers Grave0280 Schindlers Grave0281 Schindlers Grave0282 Schindlers Grave0283 King Davids Tomb0284 King Davids Tomb0284 Zion Gate Mike0285 King Davids Tomb0286 King Davids Tomb
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