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February 17, 2017 | Capernaum - Nazareth Village - The Ancient Boat Museum - Tabgha - Church of the Multiplication - Service at Magdalena
1392 Tiberias1393 Tiberias1394 Tiberias1395 Tiberias1396 Capharnaum1397 Capharnaum1398 Capharnaum1399 Capharnaum1400 Capharnaum1401 Capharnaum1402 Capharnaum1403 Capharnaum1404 Capharnaum1405 Capharnaum1406 Capharnaum1407 Capharnaum1408 Capharnaum1409 Capharnaum1410 Capharnaum1411 Capharnaum
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